Ganja Yoga – The Latest Buzz In The Yoga Community

 Yes, weed combined with yoga is a thing. Now before you jump to any conclusions, this new craze is perfectly safe and can offer some zen benefits if you’re open to them. You might be thinking how a drug could be linked to a healthy practice like yoga. Ganja yoga has been causing somewhat of a buzz in the wellness community as more and more people are lighting up before class, in hopes of gaining a different type of spiritual experience. This whole idea of lighting up before a yoga practice isn’t anything new. Yogis have been using herbal supplements with their yoga practice for centuries, as it has been thought to bring a shift in consciousness that allows one to be more open to different emotional states that are out of the realm in daily life.    

Yoga alone offers a spiritual experience without the use of any mind-altering drug. However, if you find yourself bringing more anxiety to the mat than you would like, this might be something that could help you ease into your practice. Medically, marijuana helps open up the airways and can help you breathe better. Many alternative medicine physicians say some strains can give you a high like no other that can give you more body awareness than ever before.   
There are many options to try; you can smoke it the traditional way or if you prefer, you can use a vaporizer. If you’re curious, here are some things you may experience.

 Heightened Senses

You’re going to notice every little noise and smell around you. Things like candles or incense burning will be magnified and even if you put light background music on, you will still hear other sounds around you. Just like with any ordinary yoga practice, acknowledge the sounds and smells and bring your attention back to your breath.

Getting in the Zen

 Many people report being able to get into a more relaxed state with more ease after smoking. If it takes you great efforts to let the stresses of the day slip away, this might be something that could benefit your practice.  

 Body Awareness

Being in tune with your body is an amazing thing. Every pose you get into and stretch you do, you will probably feel 100 times more. You might even find you’re able to relax into more difficult poses relatively easier. Yoga is about being present in the moment and this could be a way to help you experience that. You also will feel more connected to your inner body. Things that you typically don’t think twice about such as your heart beat, the way certain muscles and ligaments are feeling and your breath will be at the forefront of your mind. This could possibly replace racing thoughts and bring you to a whole new spiritual level.

Stress, what stress? 

Questioning why you can’t get centered right this second or trying to remember to stop at the store on the way home from class, these things will seem so minuscule. You might find yourself a little more peaceful than usual and not so caught up on the negative emotions that usually plague your mind.

We can see there are many benefits to stoned yoga but what about the negatives?

First off, your reaction time is bound to be effected as well as you hand-eye coordination. If you’re planning on doing anything that involves total concentration that probably isn’t the best idea.
Paranoia could also be an issue. Everyone will react differently and you there is a chance you could experience a bout of paranoia. Luckily this feeling will wear off in a matter of hours.  
Lastly, you might get a case of the giggles. Again, everyone’s reaction will differ and there’s no way to tell what yours will be until you try it out.

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